Curcumisan Plus Grand Pack

Turmeric (Fermented) with Pomegranate, Olive & Black Seed

Curcumisan Plus Grand Pack: Turmeric (Fermeted) supports the function of the nervous system. It allays inflammatory, articular and muscular problems. It helps to protect joints. It contributes to the digestive comfort. Nettle supports venous circulation, the body’s vitality. It promotes renal elimination.



Curcumisan Plus (in capsules)
Today, the fermentation method is gaining more and more ground. Because there is a growing understanding of why fermented foods have nutritional and functional properties that are more compatible with the way your body works. It is in this sense that the Phytomisan laboratory has concocted Curcumisan PLUS, a dietary supplement that highlights the benefits of turmeric activated by fermentation.
This food supplement based on fermented turmeric is a synergy of natural active ingredients. Pomegranate, curcumin, olive and black cumin extracts combine to bring you health, tone and well-being on a daily basis. Turmeric thanks to its natural properties helps the body to get rid of inflammatory, muscular and joint problems. But it also acts as a protector for joints.
A cure of Curcumisan PLUS will help you to benefit from it:
1) digestive comfort
2) mental and nervous balance
3) Tone and vitality

This supplement, rich in 95% curcumin, will effectively contribute to improving:
– joint disorders,
– muscle disorders,
– inflammatory problems,
– stress
– venous circulation


Recommendations for use :

The usual dosage of CURCIMUSAN PLUS is 2 to 4 capsules per day with meals. (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening)

Capacity :

(6 x 60) 360 Capsules

Ingrédients :

Curcuma Poudre et Extrait, (Curcuma Longa),Curcumine, Grenade Extrait (Punica Granatum), Ellagic, Olive Poudre (Olea Europea), Poudre de Nigelle noire (Nigella Sativa)


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