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Remince a dietary supplement ( The prickly pear or Opuntia ) may really help people lose weight safely and keep it off . The prickly pear (Nopal) helps to absorb fat and sugar and control weight and energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal cysteine ​​synthesis, energy metabolism, and the functioning of the nervous system and immune system.



This slimming food supplement is a great ally for those who are looking for the best way to regulate their weight or for people who need to keep a certain limit of their blood sugar level. Designed by the Phytomisan laboratory, Remince is an all-natural food supplement.
Remince highlights the effects of the prickly pear, also known as “Nopal”. This natural active ingredient is known for its effects on weight loss, absorbing excess fat and sugars in the body. This slimming food supplement reduces the level of glucose in the blood and in the body. It is also a major asset to regulate the body’s energy metabolism and thus to control body weight. Remince is enriched with vitamin B6, which supports the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.
For those who don’t know it yet, the prickly pear is a creeping plant whose fruits are enriched with fibre. Fibre, which cannot be assimilated by the body, has long been used by dieticians in slimming programs. Thanks to its 18 amino acids, this natural fruit controls blood sugar. This control system allows the body to save energy, but above all to avoid an increase in blood sugar levels.
In addition to these active ingredients, this natural food supplement also contains the necessary intakes for the body in terms of vitamin and calcium from group B (1, 2 and 3).


Recommendations for use :

2 x 2 capsules after meal

Capacity :

120 capsules

Ingredients :

Ingredients for 4 gélules: Opuntia (Nopal) 470 mg, CLA 100 mg, Protéines de lait hydrolysées 400 mg, Bifidus 60 mg, Vitamine E 19,49 mg ET soit 64,97 % AJR*, Vitamine B6 2 mg soit 142,85% AJR*, Additifs: gélatine Bovine (tunique), stéarate de magnésium (antiagglomérant).


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